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    2024 Ranked Changes - Vanguard

    2024 Ranked Changes - Vanguard

    When Vanguard goes live in League of Legends, it will serve as Riot Games' custom game security software, functioning as a sophisticated anti-cheat solution.

    This software is designed to enhance competitive integrity by detecting and preventing cheating behaviors within the game.

    Players will be required to install Vanguard to play League of Legends, ensuring a fair and secure gaming environment for the community. Without Vanguard, you will not be able to play League of Legends anymore. It is estimated Vanguard goes live worldwide in April 2024.

    Additionally, the release of Vanguard is part of a series of major system changes coming in Season 14 of League of Legends, which includes updates to itemization, a new MMR system, and the introduction of TrueSkill 2 later in 2024.

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