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    How to carry 1v9 in League of Legends

    How to carry 1v9 in League of Legends

    The best 1v9 champions in League of Legends, according to data we extracted from boosters over the past years, include Qiyana, Katarina, Riven, Yasuo, Lee Sin, Draven, Kayn, Samira, Fiora, Irelia, and Master Yi.

    These champions are known for their abilities to carry games and lead their teams effectively. Each champion has unique strengths and playstyles that make them formidable choices for players looking to dominate matches single-handedly.

    Whether it's Draven's early and late-game carrying potential, Yasuo's versatility and ability to block enemy attacks, or Fiora's strategic dodging and dueling capabilities, these champions stand out for their potential to excel in 1v9 scenarios in League of Legends. All these champs can 1v2 or 1v3 or even better when they are fed, which makes them perfect champions to carry with if your teammates are feeding.

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