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    Looking for your X1Boost accounts?

    Hey Summoner,

    Are you lost? Looking for the old x1boost website to check your old orders and get your account info that you lost? No worries!

    There are two ways to get your old account info back:

    1) Visit this link to view the old x1boost website. Here you can get all your account info like before. Go to the top right to login and get your data back from the "Downloads" section.

    2) If you did not have an account, you can also open your old emails with the order confirmation download links. In these emails, copy paste the Download Button Link in your browser. Then replace domain with and the links should work!


    If you still cannot access your accounts, please add me on Discord: sam_dotgg and I will help you.

    Sorry again to everybody for the wait.

    Kind regards,



    What happened to X1Boost?

    Due to unfortunate personal circumstances the X1Boost site owner had to close the site, so we bought the domain name and kept the old site alive so you can keep accessing your old accounts.

    24/7 Instant Delivery

    All accounts are delivered within 10 seconds after completing your payment

    Customer Reviews

    Don't listen to us, listen to our customers! We have a 4.9⭐rating for a reason